How Much Money Can I Get From A Class-Action Lawsuit?

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Common Class-Action Lawsuit Settlement Amounts

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A class-action lawsuit is effective when a certain cause affects several people, a class, and there is a need for damage relief.

For instance, a business that earns profit from people under pretenses, or maybe an enterprise not catering to the unlimited membership they promised to its customers.

Occurrences like these, when they often cause grievances to a class of people, call for class action lawsuits.

Our Arkansas class-action attorneys represent victims of drug injurydefective medical devicesfaulty car parts, and more.

Even the major lawsuit that rectified the racial segregation in the United States schools had been, unknown to many, the result of a class-action lawsuit.

A class-action lawsuit can be filed when you and many are victims of an on-sale defective medication or false advertisements.

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What Do You Need to Know About Class-Action Lawsuits?

Multiple Victims

Class action lawsuits benefit a class of people.

Similarly, several grievances can only make up a case.

An individual complaint will not support a class-action lawsuit.

The more the number of victims, the stronger is the case.


Class-action lawsuits can be quite rewarding but are more complex than most individual lawsuits.

They are settled by the court and require an extra step called the class certification, which needs to be verified by the court itself.

The grievances have to be similar.

If there are 50,000 complaints against a certain business, 50,000 individual and distinct complaints will not only be nearly impossible to look over; they will not classify for a class action lawsuit either.


The relief contribution to every individual will be equal for all cases.

For example, the settled amount is 100 million dollars, and the affected class includes a sum of a few million customers.

The settled sum will be divided equally.

However, in many cases, the individual representing their class in these lawsuits, i.e., is the lead plaintiff, is rewarded extra retribution for their efforts.

But once you are the representative, you can no longer work for personal benefit or show conflicting interests.

How Much Money Can I Get From a Class-Action Lawsuit?

Reaching a verdict for a class action lawsuit is quite complicated and challenging.

If you are the lead plaintiff, similar to your responsibilities, your rewards can be great.

The attorneys and representatives of class action lawsuits can end up profiting millions, respective to their cases.

However, as a member of that class, your reward might even be negligible.

For instance, if a brand selling a line of cars with faulty parts face a class action lawsuit and settle with 100 million dollars.

And if the number of affected individuals is 50,000, each member will receive a relief fund of 2,000 dollars.

A large number of customers found their speakers didn’t function in their new Google Pixel Phones that were made before Jan 4, 2017.

The claims were rejected by Google.

However, it wasn’t a complete win as they had to settle for 7 million.

If you received information that you might be part of a class-action lawsuit, check that your complaints align with the common injustice.

If you find that you might be in for a major prize-money, it is better to seek the assistance of an experienced class-action lawsuit.

You will only be able to object to the settled money if you are a direct participant and are present in the hearing, or, of course, the lead plaintiff.

It is entirely up to you whether you feel the need to participate or not.

While participating might mean a modest or fruitful return, not participating will mean zero.

In the end, something is better than nothing, and promisingly, every class member will always win something from a court-authorized class-action lawsuit.

Examples of Ongoing Class-Action Lawsuits

Patients who have used Elmiron are being provided relief for their physical and mental injuries.

It is an ineffective drug, which has permanently damaged the retinas of users.

The producers didn’t warn its users of any side effects, and they suffered unnecessary and immense damage.

Many women have filed for a class-action lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson, which allegedly sells talcum powder products containing carcinogenic substances.

Women who have used it near their genitals are prone to suffering from Ovarian Cancer.

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