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Bedsores or pressure ulcers are some of the most common injuries suffered by residents of nursing homes in Rogers, Arkansas. Bedsores can grow into a fully-fledged infection without proper medical care. The condition can worsen into sepsis and result in the death of the resident due to the negligence of the nursing home staff.

If you have a family member who suffers from pressure ulcers and sustained an injury as a result, you can claim compensation from the nursing facility. A reliable bedsore lawyer will hold the nursing home responsible by filing a lawsuit against the facility. A bedsore lawsuit is quite a complex process where you need a reliable and experienced nursing home abuse lawyer to handle the case on your behalf. That’s where Keith Law Group comes in handy. Call Keith Law at (479) 326-7734 for all your bedsore cases in Rogers, Arkansas!

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Stages Of Bedsores

Bedsores or decubitus ulcers or pressure ulcers or subcutaneous ulcers are localized injuries on the skin or underlying tissue.

The condition usually occurs over a bony area of the skin. A bedsore is caused due to the friction of soft tissue on the body. The friction or pressure will result in partial or complete obstruction of blood flow and stretch and tear the blood vessels that feed the skin.

Pressure ulcers usually develop on the buttocks, tailbone, knees, heels, hips, ankles, sacrum, shoulder blades, shoulders, and the back of the head.

People who are most susceptible to the condition are disabled and senior patients who are mostly wheelchair-bound or bed-bound.

The stages of pressure ulcers include:

Stage One Pressure Ulcers

Recognizing bedsores in its early stages can prevent the condition from worsening. Stage one pressure ulcers are easily recognizable due to the following indicators: unbroken but discolored skin with a reddened appearance, temperature changes in the area compared to the surrounding skin.

Stage Two Pressure Ulcers

When stage one bedsores are unnoticed by the nursing home staff, the condition can progress to stage two. The epidermis or upper-most layer of the skin breaks down and creates an open shallow sore. Drainage can be present at times.

Stage Three Pressure Ulcers

Medical care and dressings are required at this stage to prevent the condition from progressing to stage four. The skin will show signs of ulceration extending via the dermis or second skin layer into fat and subcutaneous tissue. The bedsore will be quite deeper compared to a stage two sore.

Stage Four Pressure Ulcers

Stage four pressure ulcers can be life-threatening at times. A serious infection will occur when the condition isn’t treated immediately. The tissue breaks down will extend to the muscle and bone in stage four. The wound will be open with a fair amount of dead (necrotic) tissue.

Stage three and four bedsores are extremely serious and can easily take the life of your loved one. Healing stage three and four sores can be challenging. That’s why you need to take immediate action if you notice bedsores during the initial stages. Bedsores advance to stage two, three, and four due to the negligence of the caregiver. Make sure you work with an experienced attorney at Keith Law to stop the neglect of your family member suffering from an advanced stage of bedsores.

Complications Bedsores Can Cause

Complications associated with bedsores may create prolonged hospital stay for your loved one. It will result in regular intense pain and diminished quality of life.

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The elderly and those suffering from mobility problems are more prone to developing bedsore complications.

Without proper treatment, your loved one can suffer many complications due to bedsores – these complications include, but are not limited to:


The infection can spread to the deeper layers of the skin and cause cellulitis.

Significant swelling can occur in the affected area as a result.

An effective course of antibiotics is needed to prevent a serious life-threatening infection.


Osteomyelitis is an infection to the bone and joints of the patient. It will cause significant damage to the individual’s cartilage, bone, and tissue.


This is a serious infection resulting from gas emitted by clostridium bacteria that flourishes in the damaged skin area. The condition releases dangerous toxins into the surrounding skin tissue. The skin will swell at a rapid pace and the patient will suffer intense pain as a result.


Sepsis is a serious blood infection that can rapidly progress throughout the body and cause organ failure and death overtime. Without proper care, your loved one can suffer septic shocks.


Squamous cell carcinoma is a serious complication of advanced bed sores. The cancer is quite aggressive and may require surgery.

What Causes Bedsores In Nursing Home Patients?

There are various causes of pressure ulcers in patients in nursing homes.

Some of these causes include:

  • Pressure from a bed or chair can reduce the blood flow to the skin
  • Friction due to continuous rubbing against bedding or clothing
  • Excessive moisture in older patients will weaken or damage the skin’s outer layer
  • Malnutrition and dehydration will increase the potential of developing pressure ulcers

Ways Bedsores Can Be Prevented

Many people are confined to a bed or wheelchair for medical reasons.

The patient should move about in bed every 20-30 minutes. If the patient cannot move on his/her own, the staff should assist the patient to move to prevent bedsores.

Here are some methods of preventing bedsores:

  • Repositioning the patient’s body every two to three hours
  • Slide sheets, trapeze bars, and other devices help to lift the patient and reposition his/her body
  • Using a specialized mattress will help alleviate the pressure on the back
  • Helping the patient to raise from the wheelchair seat every 1/2 hour to one hour

How An Attorney Can Help With A Bedsore Nursing Home Neglect Claim?

Bedsores are signs of nursing home neglect. Nursing homes have a responsibility to watch and sustain the health and well-being of their residents. If the caregiver fails to provide the necessary care for your loved one, the nursing home is liable for the employee’s action. We will gather additional evidence such as medical reports and speak with the healthcare provider to get other relevant information. A bedsore lawsuit is too complicated to handle on your own. Let our reliable lawyers handle the case for you and get the maximum amount of compensation you rightly deserve.

How Much Will It Cost To Hire A Bedsore Lawyer?

The team at Keith Law offers a free, no-obligation consultation to assist you in getting justice for your loved one. We work on a contingency fee basis where you pay nothing if we don’t win the case for you. If a loved one has suffered bedsores as a result of nursing home neglect and you want to hire an Arkansas lawyer on a contingency fee, please feel free to give us a call at Keith Law!

Reach Out To Keith Law Group For A Free Consultation

If your loved one has suffered bedsores as a result of nursing home neglect, you can claim compensation for the damages.

Working with a reliable bedsore lawyer from Keith Law is your best bet to get the maximum amount of compensation rightly deserved by your loved one.

Call Keith Law at (479) 326-7734 for all your bedsore cases in Rogers, Arkansas!

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