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Tepezza Lawsuit Overview

Tepezza is a medication used to treat Thyroid Eye Disease (TED). Several lawsuits have been filed against the drug’s manufacturer for failing to warn consumers about potentially permanent hearing loss or tinnitus side effects from Tepezza.

If you or a loved one were administered Tepezza to treat Thyroid Eye Disease, and subsequently developed permanent hearing loss, partial hearing loss or tinnitus, you may be eligible to file a Tepezza Lawsuit.

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Tepezza Lawsuit, Tepezza Hearing Loss Lawsuit
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What is Tepezza?

Tepezza (teprotumumab-trbw) is a medication used to treat Thyroid Eye Disease (TED), a rare autoimmune disorder that causes inflammation and swelling in the muscles, nerves, and fatty tissues around the eyes. TED can lead to a variety of symptoms such as double vision, bulging eyes, and difficulty closing the eyes.

Tepezza is administered through intravenous (IV) infusion, typically once every three weeks for a total of eight doses. The infusion takes about 90 minutes to administer.

The medication works by targeting and binding to the insulin growth factor-1 receptor (IGF-1R), which is believed to play a role in the inflammation and tissue damage associated with TED. By binding to this receptor, Tepezza is able to inhibit the activity of IGF-1R and reduce inflammation.

The FDA approved Tepezza in January 2020 as the first treatment of moderate to severe TED in adult patients who are not adequately controlled with topical or systemic medications. The approval was based on data from two clinical trials conducted that showed a significant improvement in the signs and symptoms of TED in patients treated with Tepezza.

Studies Show Potentially Permanent Hearing Damage in Tepezza Users

Studies have shown that a shocking amount of patients who are administered Tepezza infusions suffered permanent hearing loss, tinnitus, and other hearing problems.

A study published in the National Institutes of Health, National Center for Biotechnology Information found that up to 85% of patients who received Tepezza infusions have experienced hearing loss, tinnitus, and other hearing problems.

Another study conducted by researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine, published by the Endocrine Society Journal, found that up to 65% of patients included in a study on Tepezza suffered from hearing problems.

Due to the alarming number of patients who have suffered from hearing-related side effects, Tepezza patients, who have experienced hearing loss, have filed lawsuits against the drug’s manufacturer.

Tepezza Hearing Loss Side Effects

Patients who have received Tepezza infusions for thyroid eye disease have suffered hearing loss side effects including the following:

  • Permanent hearing loss
  • Tinnitus
  • Partial hearing loss
  • Sensorineural hearing loss
  • Patulous eustachian tube dysfunction
  • Autophony (unusually loud hearing of a person’s own voice)
  • Pulsatile Tinnitus (rhythmic thumping, whooshing, throbbing, or ringing in the ears)
  • Superior canal dehiscence syndrome (SCDS)

Even though some patients have improvement in symptoms, the side effects do not completely disappear.

Tepezza Hearing Loss Symptoms

Patients may experience the following hearing loss symptoms:

  • Balance issues
  • Clicking or ringing in the ears
  • Clogged ear sensation
  • Dizziness
  • Hearing loss
  • Muffled hearing
  • Unusually loud hearing of own voice
  • Vertigo

Tepezza Hearing Loss Treatments

Patients experiencing hearing loss or tinnitus, or other hearing problems may have to undergo surgical treatment, including the following:

  • Baga Bone Conduction Implants
  • Cochlear Implant Surgery
  • Craniotomy
  • Middle ear surgeries
  • PE tube implant
  • Stapedectomy
  • Other surgeries

What is the Current Status of Tepezza Hearing Loss Lawsuits?

As of January 2023, several Tepezza lawsuits are included in a motion filed for consolidation into Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) in the US District Court: Northern District of Illinois.

Multidistrict litigation (MDL) is a legal process in which multiple federal lawsuits that share common questions of fact are consolidated and heard by one judge. This process is typically used in cases involving complex or large-scale litigation, such as mass torts, product liability cases, and securities fraud lawsuits. The primary goal of MDL is to streamline the legal process and reduce duplicative discovery and other pretrial proceedings.

MDL is different from class action lawsuits, which involve a group of plaintiffs who have similar claims against a single defendant. In class action lawsuits, the plaintiffs are typically represented by a single class representative and a lead attorney.

In contrast, each plaintiff in an MDL case retains their own attorney and is considered a separate party to the litigation. Additionally, class action lawsuits typically involve a single judgment that applies to all class members, whereas MDL cases typically result in individual settlements or judgments for each plaintiff.

Do You Qualify to File a Tepezza Hearing Loss Lawsuit?

If you or a loved one has taken Tepezza to treat Thyroid Eye Disease and subsequently experienced hearing-related side effects, you may be eligible to file a Tepezza Lawsuit claim.

If you decide to pursue a Tepezza Lawsuit, our legal team suggests taking certain steps to build a strong case. This includes gathering evidence and determining the damages incurred as a result of the injury. An experienced attorney who specializes in dangerous drug lawsuits can assist you in this process.

Gathering Evidence for the Tepezza Lawsuit

To build a strong case, it’s crucial to gather all relevant documentation related to your potential Tepezza lawsuit. This may include:

  • Medical records
  • Personal testimony on hearing loss or tinnitus
  • Proof of costs related to injuries or hearing problems
  • Medical bills and receipts
  • Tepezza prescription information
  • Doctor’s notes

Assessing Damages in Your Tepezza Lawsuit

It’s important to assess the damages incurred as a result of the injury.

Damages can include

  • Medical costs and bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental health effects
  • Lost wages or income
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Permanent disability
  • Other compensatory and punitive damages.

An attorney can help you understand the potential damages that can be claimed in a Tepezza Lawsuit.

Keith Law Group: Accepting Clients for Tepezza Lawsuits

Our law firm has secured significant amounts of financial compensation for people harmed at no fault of their own.

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If you or a loved one received Tepezza infusions to treat Thyroid Eye Disease, and subsequently suffered permanent hearing loss or tinnitus, you may be eligible to file a Tepezza Lawsuit.

Contact Keith Law Group for a free case review today, or use the chatbot on this page to see if you qualify to file a Tepezza Hearing Loss Lawsuit instantly.

Lawsuits are being filed against Horizon Therapeutics for failing to properly warn patients about the potential hearing related side effects of taking Tepezza. Contact us if you have questions about filing a Tepezza Lawsuit for hearing issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is the Tepezza manufacturer?

    The manufacturer of Tepezza is Horizon Therapeutics. Horizon Therapeutics is bio-pharmaceutical company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.

  • What are Tepezza's Possible Side Effects?

    The hearing loss side effects of Tepezza potentially include:

    • Permanent hearing loss
    • Tinnitus
    • Partial loss of hearing
    • Sensorineural hearing loss

    According to the FDA webpage on Tepezza, the potential side effects of the drug are as follows:

    • Infusion reactions
    • Worsening of inflammatory bowel disease
    • High blood sugar
    • Muscle spasms
    • Hair loss
    • Diarrhea
    • Fatigue
    • Dry skin
    • Change in taste
    • Headache

  • How Long Does Tepezza Hearing Loss Last?

    Some hearing loss or tinnitus side effects from Tepezza have been able to be successfully reversed. Some patients have suffered permanent hearing loss or tinnitus as a result of receiving Tepezza infusions.

  • What is the Average Tepezza Settlement Amount?

    As the Tepezza Hearing Loss Lawsuit is in its early stages, we can’t be certain about settlement amounts or compensation for the Tepezza Lawsuit. Visit this page for more updates when Tepezza settlement amount information becomes available.

  • How much do lawyers for a Tepezza hearing loss lawsuit cost?

    Our law firm works on a contingency fee basis. This means that if your lawsuit does not end in compensation, you do NOT have to pay for legal representation. Our legal team prides itself on serving the needs of our clients and alleviating the financial burden of being harmed by another person, device, medication, etc.

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