Will my car insurance go up if I use it after a car accident that was not my fault?

Sean T. Keith
Sean T. Keith

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The short answer is no—but if it does, you should start shopping around for a new insurance company.

Most insurance companies will not increase your rates after you are involved in a car accident that it is not your fault.

The reason that they will likely not increase your rates is pretty simple—it makes business sense.

You have done nothing wrong that would indicate to them that you are a now a higher risk to insure.  

Think of it this way: You spend your whole life, never get a single speeding ticket, and then one day you are driving around Northwest Arkansas and you are hit by someone who flew through a red light.

The other driver did not have insurance, and you had to file an uninsured motorist claim.

Even with that claim, nothing in YOUR driving history would suggest that you are a higher risk to cover from an insurance perspective.

You are a still the same good driver, which makes you a desirable client.

Your rates should not increase, because insurance companies want to insure good drivers.   

In contrast, if that same person were to get a speeding ticket for going 100 mph in a school zone.

That person has now become a higher risk to insure, so it makes business sense to charge them more for insurance.

That driver has become a less desirable client, so if the insurance company chooses to keep covering that person—the insurance company will want that person to pay more because they are now a bigger risk.   

While many insurance companies do not increase rates following a wreck that is not your fault—some do.

If you happen to find yourself dealing with an insurance company like this—switch insurance companies.

You have done nothing wrong, and now they want to make YOU pay for it?

Leave that insurance company behind, because there are plenty more excited to insure good drivers.  

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