Mass Tort Actions: The Most Common Types

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The Most Common Mass Tort Actions

When people hear the words “mass tort”, they envision the legal thrillers they’ve seen on cable or in the movies.

They envision a group of plaintiffs filing into a crowded courtroom, waiting to hear the jury’s verdict.

In reality, it doesn’t often happy this way.

While there are numerous plaintiffs, most of these cases never see the inside of a courtroom.

Your Arkansas personal injury lawyer will work throughout the case to negotiate a settlement with the defendant.

Many of these cases don’t involve a question of whether the defendant is liable.

When you have dozens (or hundreds) of plaintiffs all alleging the same thing, there has to be some evidence of wrongdoing.

It usually comes down to a question of how much the defendant is willing to settle for.

Since there are many plaintiffs, your mass tort lawyer in Arkansas must consult with dozens of people before they accept a settlement.

They also have to make sure the settlement is enough to take care of all their clients.

Here, we will discuss the most common types of mass tort actions.

This should give you a much better idea of what kinds of cases mass tort lawyers in Arkansas handle.

If you think you may qualify to file as part of a mass tort case, make sure to call us right away.

The statute of limitations still applies in these cases.

If you miss the filing deadline, you’ll lose your chance to pursue damages.

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Our Mass Tort Lawyers in Arkansas Handle a Lot of Dangerous Product Cases

One of the most common types of mass tort cases we handle involve dangerous products.

If you’ve ever seen those stories on the news about a product recall, you should know what we mean.

While many of these cases involve children, a lot of them involve regular, everyday products.

Almost all of our dangerous product cases involve one of the following:

  • Manufacturing defect – These involve products that would have been safe had they been made right. Something goes wrong during the manufacturing process that makes the product unsafe. This could involve a chainsaw that had the safety guard installed improperly. Or a vehicle that has a defective airbag installed.
  • Design defect – These cases involve products that would have been dangerous no matter how perfectly they were made. That’s because the design itself was dangerous. We have handled cases involve vehicles that had a dangerous or unsafe design. For example, years ago, the Fiero was taken out of production because of its design. It was prone to burst into flames if the car was hit in a particular spot.
  • Failure to warn cases – Usually, these cases do involve kids’ toys. These are cases where the manufacturer or distributor should have put a warning label on a product and didn’t do it. Perhaps it was a child’s toy that contained tiny pieces and the company forgot to put a “choking hazard” label on it. We prosecute these cases on behalf of several families every year.

It’s important to remember that, just because you received a recall notice or bought a dangerous product, you aren’t automatically entitled to damages.

If you weren’t injured, you have no standing to sue.

If all you want is a judge to require the defendant to change their product design or add a warning label, you wouldn’t join a mass tort case.

This is something we could include in our demand for relief.

But you can’t receive damages if you weren’t injured.

Many Mass Tort Cases Involved Dangerous Drugs and Defective Medical Devices

Lately, most of the mass tort cases we handle involve dangerous drugs and defective medical devices.

It is hard to turn on the television today without seeing a commercial for a new prescription medication.

At the end of the commercial, the voiceover reads off a dozen dangerous side effects of the drug.

They do this because they’re trying to protect themselves from getting sued down the road.

Any new drug is going to have some negative side effects.

However, some drugs that have been released in the last twenty or thirty years are downright deadly.

Some cause cancer while others can cause blood clots.

It makes you wonder if it’s worth taking these medications.

The side effects are usually worse than the condition they are meant to treat.

When people get sick or even pass away as a result of these dangerous drugs and devices, we step in.

Our goal is to pursue the drug or device manufacturer for damages.

These cases tend to take a long time because there are so many plaintiffs involved.

However, they need to be filed – otherwise, these giant corporations won’t be held accountable.

Our Arkansas Mass Tort Lawyers Also Handle Large Scale Catastrophe Cases

Some of the cases we handle involve large-scale catastrophes.

This could include anything from a plane crash to a fire at a multi-unit apartment building.

Sadly, many of the victims in these cases do not live to tell their story.

We typically represent the family of loved ones who were hurt or killed in these catastrophes.

One of the issues with these cases is that each defendant points the finger at the other.

The airline points to the airport who provided air-traffic control.

Or they bring the manufacturer of the plane in as an additional defendant.

While these cases can take a long time to resolve, they usually involved very large payouts.

Call and Speak with One of Our Arkansas Personal Injury Lawyers Right Away

If you think or one of your family members have a mass tort case against a defendant, you should call our office right away.

You can make an appointment to meet with one of our experienced Arkansas personal injury lawyers.

This gives our associates a chance to determine if you have a case at all.

We can also determine if you should file a traditional personal injury lawsuit or if you qualify for a mass tort action.

Since we offer our clients a free, initial consultation, you don’t have to worry about paying us upfront.

Take advantage of this opportunity to meet with someone who can answer any of your questions.

This free consultation also gives you a chance to see what your case may be worth.

Call today and schedule a date and time that works for you.

The defendant is going to have a whole team of lawyers working for them.

You don’t want to go up against them all by yourself.

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