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Paraquat sprayed by plane, paraquat class action lawsuit concept

Paraquat Class Action Lawsuit Status 2021

Ever since Paraquat, a chemical herbicide used as a weed killer, was found to cause serious medical issues in humans, Paraquat makers have been facing multiple paraquat class action lawsuits across the country totaling over

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drug injury lawsuit

Drug Injury Lawsuit in Arkansas

A drug injury lawsuit is a useful part of the state’s legal mechanisms. You can sue drug manufacturers and companies if they fail to warn the patients or doctors about its side effects. What if

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defective medical device
Defective Medical Device

Can I Sue Over A Defective Medical Device?

Yes, there are defective medical device lawsuits that allow patients or their representatives to file liability lawsuits. There are three classes within which medical devices are classified under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

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