Necrotizing Enterocolitis Lawsuit: Looking At the Details

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Looking At The Details of the Necrotizing Enterocolitis Lawsuit

Premature infants suffer from Necrotizing enterocolitis or NEC.

Dealing with a Necrotizing Enterocolitis Lawsuit in Arkansas becomes challenging without the help of an experienced attorney.

NEC is a severe intestinal condition that occurs due to inflamed or injured tissues in the large or small intestine.

Sometimes the condition can cause a hole in the intestinal wall due to the death of intestinal tissues.

From gastrointestinal diseases, NEC is the leading cause of death in premature infants.

In the USA it impacts newborns at a rate of 1-3 per 1,000 with an average treatment cost of US$500,000.

The intestines of an infant with NEC can no longer hold waste.

This leads the bacteria to the bloodstream causing severe infection.

The infant can get critically ill if the waste enters the infant’s abdomen.

The sections of the intestine may need to get removed due to the damage.

The symptoms of this serious condition include temperature changes, abnormal breathing, constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pressure, being lethargic, low blood pressure, and tender or swollen stomach.

necrotizing enterocolitis
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Risk for NEC & Necrotizing Enterocolitis Lawsuit in Arkansas

An attorney can help you with a Necrotizing Enterocolitis Lawsuit in Arkansas.

Children born under 3.25 pounds are usually affected by NEC.

Moreover, infants that are formula-fed in early life are also prone to this condition.

The condition gets extremely dangerous for infants because the immune system of infants is not developed enough to fight such harmful bacteria.

If an infant shows the symptoms of NEC diagnosis becomes essential.

Medical professionals detect irregular gas patterns in X-rays; gas appears to be streaky or bubbly in the intestine walls.

In critical situations, the air escapes the intestine and enters into the abdominal cavity or the liver.

To determine if a hole is present in the intestine the doctor inserts a needle in the belly to withdraw fluid.

Causes of NEC

Parents have alleged over the years that certain baby formulas cause their infants to get NEC.

Whereas the manufacturers of baby formula claim that their products are beneficial and safe for infants while being aware of the risks their baby formula had on the infants getting NEC.

Enfamil and Similac are two of these companies.

The manufacturers of these are Abbot Laboratories and Mead Johnson.

Those parents whose infants suffered NEC due to the baby formula are filing lawsuits against these two companies.

It has been seen that many baby-product manufacturing companies prioritize their profits over the safety of babies.

Such harmful products can cause life-threatening consequences for babies.

Nobody can bring back a loved one but fighting for your rights and attaining financial compensation can help you with the future.

The Lawsuit Against Baby Formula Products

Many lawsuits have been filed by parents after their babies have developed necrotizing enterocolitis.

Majorly these lawsuits were against Similac and Enfamil.

The lawsuits were focused on the manufacturer’s failure to warn parents about the health risks associated with baby formula.

These parents have given baby formula to their prematurely born children and suffered grave losses.

Fighting for your legal rights is never easy.

The liable parties must be held accountable for their negligence.

How Can a Lawsuit Help?

Endangering the wellbeing of your child by consuming a store shelves product can have a serious impact.

One product can ruin the entire life of your innocent child who’s trying to develop and grow.

You can take legal action against any negligence caused by the manufacturers of such products.

We can protect our babies from such incidents and hold the manufacturers responsible to protect other kids.

In such cases, you will be eligible to recover the following damages:

  • Funeral expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of life’s enjoyment

Hiring a Professional Attorney

If you or your loved ones suffered injuries or damages due to product or drug defects, our experienced attorneys are here to help you.

We aim to establish a strong case and obtain the maximum compensation that you truly deserve.

We realize how difficult it is to deal with Necrotizing Enterocolitis Lawsuit in Arkansas especially when the victims are your loved ones.

We do everything to make the entire process simple.

Our experienced attorneys have the right expertise and knowledge to fight for your legal rights and bring justice.

No one should ever see their infants suffer from such a dangerous condition.

In this difficult time, our team will assist you at every step from gathering evidence, documentation, to negotiations and filing the lawsuit.

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