A Short Guide to an Arkansas Hip Replacement Lawsuit

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A Short Guide To Hip Replacement Lawsuits In Arkansas

One of the common surgeries is hip replacement surgery.

Millions of Americans go through the surgical process due to various reasons, such as a hip fracture.

Metal-on-metal high surgeries provide many people relief from the pain that they are suffering.

However, it is important to note that at times these surgeries cause complications.

As a result, it could lead to an Arkansas hip replacement lawsuit.

And if you are considering a lawsuit, then it is vital to have a professional lawyer by your side.

Let’s go over the nitty-gritty of a lawsuit regarding a hip replacement in this article.

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Complications and Risks That Can Occur Due to Hip Replacement Surgery

While hip replacement surgery is safe, there are a few times where it can give birth to a few complications.

Different factors can be a reason for these complications, such as age, weight, health, etc.

Complications from the surgery might not be visible for a few days, weeks, months, or years.

Therefore, it might become a bit difficult to trace it back to the hip replacement surgery.

For some patients, there can be minor problems that would lead to a bit of pain.

On the other hand, there are patients that can suffer from a tremendous amount of pain and face life-altering complications, such as:

  • Bleeding
  • Leg-length inequality
  • Loosening of implant
  • Nerve injury
  • Blood vessel injury
  • Infection
  • Fractures
  • Stiffness
  • Blood clots

A lot of injuries are due to the negligence of the hospitals or product manufactures.

If their product is faulty or has a flaw, then the manufacturer has a legal obligation to make the relevant information public.

And if you have been facing a complication due to the manufacturer’s fault, you are entitled to receive compensation for it.

So, if you are looking to file an Arkansas hip replacement lawsuit, you can take the assistance of Keith Law Group.

Time Frame to File an Arkansas Hip Replacement Lawsuit

Litigation concerning a defective product has a three-year limitation period, as per Arkansas code 16-116-203.

As a result, you will only have a small period of timeframe to initiate your Arkansas hip replacement case.

Medical device claims are subject to the Arkansas Medical Malpractice Act, meaning you may have to lodge your case before two years.

So, what does this mean for the time frame of your claim? Since Arkansas uses the discovery rule, it means that the time will start to run as soon as you learn about the issue with your hip device.

And this is what companies try to take advantage of.

Since knowing the exact dates of the issue can be challenging to prove, they can leverage to dismiss your claim.

Therefore, if you feel that you have any issues with your hip replacement, then it is wise to contact a professional attorney as early as possible.

By doing so, an attorney will understand your case and help your claim before the statute of limitations end.

Getting Services of a Professional Attorney

Having to suffer from complications of hip injury is indeed painful and can put you under a lot of stress.

But, you deserve to get full compensation for all the pain, suffering, and expense that you had to bear due to hip replacement surgery.

By filing a lawsuit, you can get compensation from the negligent party.

However, filing a lawsuit can be extremely difficult as there are a lot of complexities that can arise in the process.

In addition to that, if you are recovering from the complications, it will not be possible for you to deal with a lawsuit on your own.

Therefore by having an attorney by your side, you can take your time to recover while they can work on your lawsuit.

While you receive proper care and rest to recover from the complications, the attorney will work on filing the lawsuit and gathering all the documentation such as medical reports, etc.

Hip implant manufacturers have extensive financial means at their discretion that is why you’ll need your own legal counsel.

The assistance of a professional hip replacement lawyer like Keith Law might improve your prospects of getting the compensation you deserve.

Get the Best Services with Keith Law Group for your Hip Replacement Lawsuit

By filing an Arkansas hip replacement lawsuit, you can get compensation for all of your sufferings.

With our team of experts, we can help you see through your lawsuit without much of a hassle.

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