The two promises I make to referring attorneys are:

  • You will never receive a call from a referred client complaining about communication with my office
  • I will treat you fairly on the fee share.

More than 10 years ago, I received several calls from potential Fen-phen clients. I didn’t know anything about Fen-phen, drug injury cases or mass torts. I believed I was too busy with my docket of car wreck clients and medical malpractice cases. So, I referred these cases to other attorneys without giving it another thought–until those same clients called me back months (sometimes years) afterwards blaming me because they didn’t know what was going on with their case and couldn’t talk to the attorney. So, a few years later I decided to figure it out for myself when I started getting the same calls for the pain killer Vioxx. I attended what became the very first Mass Tort Made Perfect meeting in Las Vegas.

I built my drug and device injury mass tort practice one relationship and lawyer at a time. Today, most of my cases are referrals from Arkansas and Oklahoma lawyers in small firms that trust me to communicate with clients consistently, honestly and be fair in my fee share. I take pride in ensuring that referring lawyers never have to deal with an unsatisfied client sent to my office. As my experience grew, I was tasked in the transvaginal mesh litigation to serve as lead attorney for depositions of several high-ranking corporate officers, regulatory directors, and medical directors of the pharmaceutical companies. My work has contributed to the sharing of millions of fees with referring and co-counsel.

In addition to drug and device injury cases, I have also been involved in multi-million dollar vehicle defect cases. These include single vehicle accidents like roll overs and sudden acceleration in which a vehicle defect caused catastrophic injuries and/or death.

An important part of my role is to have the knowledge and relationship with attorneys across the country who are at the forefront of a specific type of litigation. Like any practice, mass tort attorneys don’t work on every type of case solely and part of my role is to find national firms to co-counsel with on cases referred to me. I only work with attorneys, from both large and small firms across the country, that I KNOW can be trusted and will put the client’s interest ahead of their own interests. I can’t emphasize how important it is in the mass tort world to know well who you are working with and the type of work that they do. This is something I provide to my local attorneys who refer cases to me to ensure a client doesn’t slip through the cracks or a fee is not paid.

My commitment to the clients is that I will work hard, communicate, and be ethical in all matters I handle. If you have any questions about drug or medical device cases for a potential referral, please do not hesitate to call or email me.

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