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Construction Accidents

Construction Accidents

Construction Accidents

Arkansas Construction Accident Lawyers
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Northwest Arkansas is a thriving community. There is not a day that goes by that a new house or office building is being constructed. While most accidents that occur at a construction site are governed by Workers Compensation, there are exceptions and if that is the case you should contact the attorneys at Keith Law Group who have the experience to handle those cases. We do not handle workers compensation cases but we do handle cases that are the responsibility of a negligence by other suppliers that conduct unsafe practices and put you at risk.

For example, one of our clients was a roofer who went to measure a roof at a new residence construction in Springdale. He was told that the felt paper had been laid by the framer. What he wasn’t told was that the framer had laid the felt over the top of two skylights without placing a board or other safety warning to keep our client from stepping through the skylight and falling more than ten feet. As a result our client was in a coma for more than a week and had to undergo serious rehab for several weeks. Ultimately our client’s brain was seriously injured. This was not a workers compensation case and we were hired to bring a lawsuit against the framer and the general contractor. Our client recovered a substantial amount through mediation.

If your family member has been killed or you have been seriously injured at a construction site contact us for a free evaluation of your case. While you may be limited to a workers compensation claim there are times when a lawsuit can be brought on your behalf outside of workers comp. We can refer you to a workers comp attorney if it is something that we can not help.


At Keith Law Group we have the knowledge and resources needed to secure full and fair compensation for your accident-related losses. When you hire us, we will take swift action to investigate your accident and preserve critical evidence in your case. Our lawyers will pursue an aggressive case strategy designed to win maximum compensation as quickly as possible.  

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