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Metal-on-Metal Hips

Metal-on-Metal Hips

Metal-on-Metal Hips

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Metal on Metal Hips caused their patients so many injuries that the FDA issued a  safety alert  for them.  The alert went to orthopaedic surgeons, radiologists, risk managers and patients who have had or are considering having a metal on metal implant.  This alert was an update to the FDA’s continued assessment of metal on metal hip implants.  The alert directed the health care providers to a separate  safety communication.   The safety communication points out that these metal ball, sockets and stems, which are sold under the names of Stryker, DePuy and Biomet, can grind against each other releasing cobalt and chromium into the body causing damage to the soft tissue surrounding the devices.  

Patients in the State of Arkansas and Oklahoma were particularly hit hard.  The attorneys at Keith Law Group represented over 50 of those patients who had to have a second surgery to revise the damage that had been done.  The use of the Stryker Rejuvenate and ABGII stem was placed in hundreds if not thousands of Arkansans.  

Sean Keith represented multiple clients who were paid a minimum of $300,000.00 as a result of having to undergo a revision surgery from the manufacturer.  All of these products were approved by a loophole in the FDA’s approval process as referenced in a  NY Times  article.  Hundreds of lawsuits were filed against Stryker, DePuy and Biomet as a result of these faulty products.    

The FDA Safety Alert now warns doctors about the future use of these implants and further suggests a close monitoring of patients that have had these devices placed within their bodies.  If you have had a metal on metal ball, socket and/or stem placed within your body it is very important that you have the appropriate blood work and medical testing done to determine the levels of cobalt and chromium in your bloodstream.  If untreated the presence of these metals will lead to the death of the tissue and ultimately the bones in your leg causing permanent damage including the ability to walk.  


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