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Hernia mesh lawsuits date back to 2011 when CR BARD settled over three thousand cases.  Today, the current litigation primarily focuses on three devices from three different companies. 

Ethicon Physiomesh 

The physiomesh flexible composite mesh has approximately 2500 cases pending in the Northern District of Georgia multi district litigation (MDL).  This MDL is almost three years old and the first trial is expected in 2020.  The physiomesh lawsuit began when Ethicon released an urgent field safety notice alerting hospitals and surgeons to immediately stop using this device.  Ethicon, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, issued a recall on the product because of the great number of recurrence and reoperation rates after the use of this device.   

Interestingly, the Ethicon physiomesh was approved by the FDA through the 510k clearance protocol meaning it did not undergo ANY clinical trials and only had to show that it was similar to other products on the market.  The product netting is composed of polypropylene much like the Ethicon transvaginal mesh products which are the subject of thousands of lawsuits by women, many of whom were represented by Sean Keith.   

Many people who have filed lawsuits have suffered complications which required them to have one if not multiple surgeries to repair the complications caused by the physiomesh.  Many of the injuries that have been claimed by the patients receiving the mesh include: adherence (sticking to internal organs and tissues); perforation of organs or tissues; infection; mesh failure (breaking, shrinking and eroding).  

Atrium C Qur Mesh 

The mesh manufactured by ATRIUM is called C-QUR and it is made from the same polypropylene mesh that is used in the Physiomesh although with a different type of coating.  This product was recalled in 2011 because there were reports of adherence to the inner liner during shipping and storage.  This resulted in about 32,000 products being removed from the market and lead to a number of lawsuits being filed.    

BARD Davol Hernia Mesh 

There are more than 3600 lawsuits pending against Bard’s polypropylene products against several different brands of hernia mesh produced by BARD in particular the 3DMax Mesh, Ventralex mesh and the Perfix Mesh.    

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