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Slip and Fall

Slip and Fall

Slip and Fall

Arkansas Slip and Fall Attorney
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Slip and falls can take place almost anywhere you visit. These types of accidents occur on a daily basis in grocery stores, office buildings, malls, restaurants, sidewalks, parking lots and countless other locations throughout Arkansas. Under premise liability law, property owners have an obligation and duty to maintain safe conditions on their properties so that people like you are not injured. When a property owner fails to provide a safe environment, the owner can be held liable for injuries resulting from a slip and fall accident.

The slip and fall lawyers at our Northwest Arkansas firm have extensive experience helping victims who have been seriously injured. We represent clients who have suffered slip and fall injuries in all types of scenarios, including:

    • Wet or slippery floors
    • Spills that are not cleaned up
    • Falling Merchandise in stores
    • Holes and Ditches without barricades
    • Damaged or broken steps and handrails
    • Poor lighting
    • Clutter and debris
    • Damaged floors and torn carpeting
    • Lack of signs warning of dangerous conditions

While a slip and fall may seem minor, the injuries sustained by individuals can be very serious. If you have been hurt in a slip and fall accident, contact Keith Law Group today. These are difficult cases. Many businesses hire risk management teams who know how to take action and clean up, remove or even hide evidence of their liability after slip and fall accidents have occurred. If you wait to hire a slip and fall attorney to take quick action on your case, there is a strong possibility that the problem will be repaired and the evidence will disappear. Contact your Arkansas slip and fall attorney who will investigate the scene right away, before the negligent party can change or repair the faulty conditions on the premise.


At Keith Law Group we have the knowledge and resources needed to secure full and fair compensation for your accident-related losses. When you hire us, we will take swift action to investigate your accident and preserve critical evidence in your case. Our lawyers will pursue an aggressive case strategy designed to win maximum compensation as quickly as possible.  

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