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Brain Injury

Brain Injury

Brain Injury

Northwest Arkansas Brain Injury Attorneys
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A brain injury is one of the toughest, life-altering injuries that someone can endure. What makes these injuries even worse to deal with—they are silent, often invisible injuries. Even minor head injuries can temporarily impair cognitive function, trigger depression, irritability, and memory problems. More pronounced brain injuries can have long-term effects on personality and relationships with loved ones. Indeed, the impact of brain injury may remain with someone the rest of their life.

Unfortunately, numerous brain injuries happen in trucking accidents and car accidents in Northwest Arkansas every year—leaving people suffering from permanent impairments that effect their day-to-day life. However, brain injuries do not always happen because of a trucking accident or car accident. Brain injuries are commonly found to have occurred in:

    • Physical Assaults
    • Nursing Home Abuse
    • Recreational and Sports Accidents
    • Work/Construction Site Accidents
    • Pedestrian Accidents
    • Slips and Falls
    • Acceleration or Deceleration Trauma
    • Whiplash

Enduring a brain injury, especially due to the actions of another person is traumatic and an extremely difficult process. The road to recovery may be long, expensive, and not well traveled by the medicine and treatment available to you. When you find yourself, or a loved in that situation, it may be helpful to have an attorney helping guide you through that road to recovery.

Keith Law Group is proud that brain injury cases are one of our areas of practice. With our proven results, and focus on personal attention, we know exactly what it takes to get through those difficult life experiences.


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