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Tire Defects

Tire Defects

Tire Defects

Arkansas Tire Defect Lawyers
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One of the most common defective motor vehicle products are defective tires and tire blowouts. Every year, roughly 750 people are killed, and more than 10,000 people are injured because of motor vehicle accidents caused by defective tires. Tires can be defective in several ways, but they can generally be defined as manufacture defects, design defects, and failure to warn defects.

Manufacturing defects occur during the actual process of tire production. All tires are built and manufactured somewhere. During that production process, mistakes, assembly line errors, and human error can produce a defective tire that may be designed improperly. In contrast, design defects do not relate to the actual building of the tire, but the design of the tire itself. In an effort to improve performance, traction, and style, tire designs are constantly changing. Sometimes during the design process, engineers can fail to design tires in accordance with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS). Failure to adhere to those standards may result in defective tires that cause automobile collisions. The third type of defective tire case, failure to warn, regards the statements and representations made by the tire manufacturer to the consumer. Misrepresenting the abilities of tire performance, life, aging, ability to withstand puncture, etc.—may all contribute to serious and life-threatening car accidents.

When it is suspected that defective tires may have caused a motor vehicle accident in Northwest Arkansas, Central Arkansas, or the Arkansas Delta, the manufacturer of the tire may be liable for any injuries or fatalities that happened because of the collision. Tire Defect cases are difficult, complex, and fact intensive. If you, or a loved one, may have suffered severe injuries or loss of life due to a defective tire or tire blowout, you may need an attorney with the experience and resources to guide you through your case.


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