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Roof Crush/Rollover

Roof Crush/Rollover

Roof Crush/Rollover

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Every year, thousands of people suffer serious physical injuries or are killed in rollover car accidents. Often times, injuries and fatalities in rollover car accidents are because of “roof crush.” Roof crush means the amount of give in a passenger vehicle’s roof. When the roof of the car gives too much or intrudes too far into the passenger area during a rollover, it forces the doors and windows to break open, limiting headroom. That reduction of space causes passengers to hit the vehicle’s roof. It is when a passenger or driver hits their head on the roof that serious injury or death may occur.

The violent manner in which rollover accident and roof crush accidents occur usually results in injuries to a person’s head or brain, spinal injuries (including paralysis), permanent disfigurement, and death. There are specific design and safety standards targeted at preventing these types of devastating injuries. Specifically, Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) No. 216 directs manufacturers as to the weight and force car roofs must be able to withstand during testing to meet safety standards.

Unfortunately, sometimes vehicle manufacturers fail to meet these standards. When it can be determined that a car manufacturer defectively designed or built the roof of one of their vehicles, they may be responsible for any injuries or fatalities that occurred.

Roof crush and rollover accident cases are often difficult, complex, and fact intensive. If you, or a loved one, may have suffered severe injuries or loss of life due to a defective motor vehicle product, you may need an attorney with the experience and resources to guide you through your case.


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