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Car Manufacturing Defects

Car Manufacturing Defects

Car Manufacturing Defects

 Arkansas Car Manufacturing Defect Attorneys
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When a car accident in Northwest Arkansas, Central Arkansas, or the Arkansas Delta results in severe injuries or fatalities, most people think of one thing: driver error. That assumption occurs even more so when it is a single vehicle accident. Unfortunately, many serious motor vehicle accidents occur not because of driver error, but because there is something wrong with vehicle itself. In our line of work, these type of car wrecks are referred to as single vehicle accidents, roof crush accidents, car defect accidents, and car manufacturing defect cases.

The United States Code for Motor Vehicle Safety defines motor vehicle safety as “the performance of a motor vehicle or motor vehicle equipment in a way that protects the public against unreasonable risk of accidents occurring because of the design, construction, or performance of a motor vehicle, and against unreasonable risk of death or injury in an accident, and includes nonoperational safety of a motor vehicle.” A defect includes “any defect in performance, construction, a component, or material of a motor vehicle or motor vehicle equipment.” Car manufacturers have a responsibility to make sure their vehicles adhere to these standards. Common examples of failure to avoid unreasonably risk of death or injury in car accidents are:

    • Defective Manufacturing.
    • Defective Design.
    • Air bag failure.
    • Accelerators that are breaking or sticking.
    • Leaky fuel system components, burns, and fire damage.
    • Seatbacks or seats that break upon impact or do not work properly.
    • Tires, roofs, bumpers and other vehicle parts that fail to work properly.
    • Car jacks that fold or collapse, causing injury to someone under the vehicle.
    • Defective child safety seats.
    • Defective seatbelts.
    • Engine cooling fan blades that malfunction, causing injury.

Defective motor vehicle accident cases are often difficult, complex, and fact intensive. If you, or a loved one, has suffered severe injuries or loss of life due to a defective motor vehicle product, you may need an attorney with the experience and resources to guide you through your case.


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